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2016 High Level Seminar calling for participants


Invitation to 2016 High Level Seminar


Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization Development (SAMD) in Asian-Pacific Region


The agriculture worldwide is actively exploring a new path of development in aim of pursuing an ecological sustainable development cycle by facing the pressure of increasing population. Nowadays, Chinese agriculture is focusing on agricultural optimization and technical innovation of traditional agriculture. The agricultural land output, labor productivity, commodity rate and resource utilization have had great enhances. As a representative of the advanced agricultural productivity becomes the symbol of agricultural production conditions and means of production. It’s clear that in order to realize the strategic target of the sustainable development of agriculture, we must attach importance to develop agricultural mechanization.

This seminar will rely on agricultural mechanization technology to have a sustainable development of agricultural mechanization of high-yield, high-quality and high-efficiency road in order to improve the current situation of shortage of land and freshwater and the worsening agricultural environment. Accordingly the Ministry of Agriculture of China entrusted Nanjing Research Institute for Agricultural Mechanization (NRIAM) to hold this high level seminar.


I.      Topics

A.     Overview of Chinese Agriculture and development course of agricultural mechanization.

Refers to development achievements, policies and regulations, technology progress, food safety and international exchange and cooperation, etc.

B.     Agricultural mechanization management and promotion system and socialized service system.

Refers to the construction and maintenance of government function in agricultural mechanization progress.

C.     The construction and prospect of Chinese agricultural machinery quality inspection and appraisal system.

D.     Current status and trend of conservation tillage technology and attached equipment of agricultural machinery engineering technology.

E.      Current status and trend of energy-saving agricultural equipment technology.


II.    Forms

A.     Presentation

i. Senior administration official will be invited to give presentation on content Part A.

ii. Experts from marketing department will be invited to give content Part B.

iii. National agricultural machinery experts will deliver the content Part C,D,E.

B.     Discussion

We will arrange time for the participants to discuss after topics presentation.

C.     Visiting exhibition

Arrange to visit the 2006 International agricultural machinery exhibition in Wuhan City,

Hubei Province from October 26th to 28th.

D.     Field visit

Visiting several Chinese modern agricultural industrial parks and agricultural machine manufacturing.


We have English translation service during the seminar.


III.   Requirements

1.     Participants should come from the related departments of the Ministry of Agriculture, engaged in management, dissemination and research of agricultural machinery. Some experts from manufacturing could be acceptable.


2.     Each participant need to prepare material for discussion such as introduction to his domestic agricultural mechanization or technical solutions to some key issues related.


3.     Good health.


IV.   Training Expense

All the expenses including international air-tickets, the accommodation and traffic in the seminar will be borne by NRIAM.


V.    Duration and Place

Duration: 8 days, October 23 – 30, 2016.

Place: NRIAM, Nanjing city, China P.R.C.


VI.    Application

Please fill in the attached Application Form, asking for signature of your leader. Send us the scanning copy via e-mail (njskjc@163.com). After qualification approval, we will send you formal invitation letter for your visa application.


As soon as your passport and visa available, please e-mail the copy to us immediately, we will book the international air-ticket for you.


VII.          Contact

Nanjing Research Institute for Agricultural Mechanization, Ministry of Agriculture.

Address: No. 100 Liuying Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China

Mr. Zhang Anping

Tel: +86-25-58619560            E-mail: njskjc@163.com        http:// www.niam.com.cn




September 13, 2016